Call me Crazy

The best things in life come in circles

Enjoy glamorous lunches and stylish dinners with our Crazy thin pizza crusts, made from yeast-free, but never taste-free dough. Whether it’s our ‘made on the day, eaten on the day’ mozzarella, traditional tiramisu or our exquisite cocktails, we bring the passion and authenticity of Italy direct to your table.

You spin me around

Opening Times

Monday to Friday

12pm to 11pm


12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm


12pm to 11pm

Fun, fresh and authentically Italian

Making everyday service a thing of the past

Pizza is of course the star of the show! Expert Chefs will man Italy’s famous Morello oven creating just the right crispness for mouth-watering skinny pizzas that provide the ultimate taste explosion and a dash of drama to every meal.

Close up of pizza.