Freshly served pizza.
Welcome to Milan

Honed by Heritage and Always En Vogue

With our doors opening in Rome, we knew it was only a matter of time before the stylish streets of Milan beckoned. With an endearing blend of old-world charm and new age vibrance, we knew the fashion and art capital was where we wanted to plant our flag next.

Within the speckled architecture of the city, we’ve made a nest in the cultural hub of Brera amidst the galleries and elegant boutiques that line the streets. We’re excited to bring you our unique mix of traditional techniques and contemporary execution with our luxury pizza restaurant, whether it be on the table, the bar or the experience we build around you.

Freshly served pizza.
Crafted with spirit

A Tailored Taste of Italy

Our love for pizza is exemplified by our dedication to the craft and every bite of our signature hand-tossed, thin-crust yeast-free dough is a testament to it. From artisanal mozzarella to all the other Italian staples, our philosophy is to use the best ingredients and do them justice. Our team is driven by passion and fuelled by their expertise.

At Crazy Pizza Milan, our menu goes beyond just pizzas. Explore a range of delectable pasta dishes, crafted with authentic Italian flair and the finest ingredients, transporting you to the heart of Milan’s gastronomic heritage. Additionally, our selection of fresh and vibrant salads offers a refreshing accompaniment to any meal. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a memorable evening with friends, or simply an authentic taste of Italy, Crazy Pizza Milan promises a dining experience that celebrates the essence of Italian cuisine and hospitality.

Photographer: Paul Winch-Furness


In the heart of Milan, our authentic pizzeria presents a mesmerising spinning pizza show that adds a touch of theatricality to your dining experience. Our skilled chefs take centre stage, expertly tossing and spinning pizzas in the air with a finesse that showcases the true artistry of Italian culinary tradition.

As the pizzas soar over diners’ heads, the ambience comes alive with the captivating rhythm of classic Italian tunes, creating an atmosphere of excitement and enchantment. This immersive spectacle allows you to witness firsthand the mastery and passion that goes into crafting our iconic Crazy thin crust pizzas.

At Crazy Pizza Milan, we invite you to revel in the magic of the spinning pizza show, a spectacle that embodies the vibrancy and authenticity of Italy’s gastronomic heritage.


We look forward to sharing moments with you and most importantly, we create memories along the way, so we hope you're ready! See you soon!

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday
Lunch: 12PM -2.30PM
Dinner: 7PM – 1AM


Via Varese 1, 20121, Milan, Lombardia, Italy

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Contact Number

+39 0254076604

Crazy Pizza Milan.
Feel at home

Our Space

Nestled amongst the sophisticated historical buildings of Brera and a stone’s throw from the core of modernity, Gae Aulenti Square, you can find our iconic Crazy Pizza red swaying in the wind on Via Varese. Our terrace sits proudly on the street to truly capture the essence and excitement of the neighbourhood. With a cocktail in hand and the Milan breeze in your hair, unwinding is always guaranteed.

Our terrace is more than just a place to dine; it’s a gateway to immerse yourself in the heartbeat of Milan’s dynamic energy. Whether you’re seeking a moment of relaxation, a lively gathering with friends, or a romantic evening, our terrace promises an experience that perfectly embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity found throughout the city.

Our dining room is a world we invite you to get lost in. A space to explore and experience the signature energy that we’ve come to be known for and a space for all the memories we’ll make.

Drinks at Crazy Pizza Milan.
Nights to remember


From a collection of vibrant signature cocktails to an extensive wine menu, our bar program has been concocted with a singular vision: to elevate your experience with every sip. Join us for pizza and cocktails in Milan whether you’re a local or visiting.

To keep you in good company, our DJs will also bring the place to life as they spin their decks and let the music fill our space. If you want us to lead the way, our team will be thrilled to dance, sing, and parade their way through the room to get you on your feet. Be prepared to immerse yourself in a truly electric atmosphere, where every moment is a celebration of joy and connection. At Crazy Pizza, we believe in making every experience extraordinary, and our dedication to creating unforgettable memories is what sets us apart.


Where is the restaurant located?

Crazy Pizza is located in the heart of Milan in the Moscova/Brera area, the address is Via Varese 1, 20121, Milan, Lombardia, Italy. Our prime location ensures easy access for both locals and visitors to enjoy our luxury pizzas.

Do you offer delivery and takeout?

Yes, we provide both delivery and takeout services. For delivery, you can conveniently order your favourite dishes on Just Eat, and don’t forget to choose the perfect wine, beer, or champagne to accompany your meal! If you prefer to pick up your order, simply give us a call at +39 0254076604

Do you serve alcohol?

We offer a variety of alcoholic beverages to complement your dining experience at Crazy Pizza Milan. Whether you’re looking for a fine wine, refreshing beer, or celebratory champagne, we have options to suit your taste.

What is the spinning pizza show?

The spinning pizza show is one of our unique and exciting experiences at Crazy Pizza Milan. It involves our skilled pizza chefs showcasing their talent and expertise by spinning and twirling pizza dough in captivating ways above diners’ heads. It’s not just a visual spectacle but also a demonstration of their exceptional pizza-making skills!

Is there parking available?

Yes, we have parking facilities available nearby for our customers to ensure a seamless dining experience.