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Crazy Pizza Saudi
Welcome to your Italian restaurant Riyadh

Where Heritage and Style Meet

Living up to its name of a garden, Riyadh has blossomed into a cultural hub in the region. A thrilling amalgam of rustic Middle-Eastern charm and dynamic modernity, Saudi Arabia’s capital has been the name on everyone’s lips as it finds itself at the center of the burgeoning fashion and art scene.

Even from a distance we were enamored by the flourishing and captivating city and knew there was a home for Crazy Pizza within the vibrant streets of Riyadh.

Mirroring the area, we’re thrilled to share our unique blend of classic Italian heritage with undertones of present-day style and execution.

Crafted with care

The Flavours of Home

With every stretch, turn and flip, we express our deep-rooted passion for pizza and our dedication to the craft. Every bite of our signature thin-crust, hand-tossed dough is a taste of devotion to our heritage as an Italian restaurant Riyadh.

From our vibrant salads to our decadent desserts, our philosophy is simple. We want our food to feed the soul and linger in your memories. Our menu is crafted with the best of ingredients at the forefront and punctuated by the expertise of our team.


We look forward to sharing moments with you and most importantly, we create memories along the way, so we hope you're ready! See you soon!

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+966 9200 07275

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Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz
As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12243, Saudi Arabia

6810 Amr Al-Damari Street
3265, Al Sefarat, Riyadh 1251, Saudi Arabia

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Crazy Pizza Saudi
Sit back and relax

Our Space

Set in the iconic Tahliah Street, the space will live among our high-street neighbors and their elegantly crafted storefronts. Like a fashion runway, the street is flanked by designer names and exciting boutiques in the heart of Riyadh. Sitting amongst this bustling and exciting neighborhood, we look forward to exuding the same vibrant energy and bring you an experience to mirror the community.

Before you find yourself in the warmth of our dining room, you’re met by our vibrant 50-seater terrace, a space imbued with life through the floral wreaths that cascade gracefully from above. With a panoramic view of the city and a cold beverage in hand, you’re a step closer to pure relaxation.

Our dining room is a world we invite you to get lost in. A space to explore and experience the signature energy that we’ve come to be known for and a space for all the memories we’ll make.

Crazy Pizza Saudi
Thirst Quenching Deliciousness

From Inside the Glass

An experience is made of more than simply what’s on the table. It’s the festivity, theatre and drama of it all.

Starting with our beverage program, for example. From freshly squeezed seasonal juices to dreamy mocktails that will whisk you away, our menu has been concocted with a singular vision: to elevate your experience with every sip.

Music is a language we all love to speak and to keep you in good company, our resident DJs will be bringing the rhythm right to you.

There’s laughs to be shared and memories to be made, so we’ll see you soon.