Crazy Pizza Napoli

Crazy Pizza Napoli Authentic Italian dining

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Where pizza is more than a meal - it's a journey

We are thrilled to introduce Crazy Pizza Napoli, the latest sensation to hit the vibrant city of Naples. Located in the picturesque setting by the sea, this venue provides not just a meal, but a grand display of entertainment nestled against the stunning backdrop of the historic Castel dell’ovo.

At Crazy Pizza Napoli, entertainment is the heart of the experience. Prepare to be dazzled by our unique shows like the spinning pizza show, where our chefs transform the art of pizza-tossing into a captivating performance, designed to immerse you in the culture and festivity that Naples is renowned for.

Our pizzas are made out using only the finest local ingredients, playing a supporting role to the vibrant performances. Our menu also offers a selection of classic Italian dishes, from pasta to salads, all crafted with passion and flair.

From us to you

Passion in every bite

Located on the scenic Lungomare di Chiaia, Crazy Pizza Napoli is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where each meal is an event, and every dish is infused with dedication. Here, you don’t just eat; you experience the essence of Naples, served with a side of awe.


Join the spectacle

At Crazy Pizza Napoli, every visit is transformed into a memorable journey through the flavors and sounds of Italy. We invite you to join us for an evening of exceptional dining and spectacular entertainment, where each moment is a celebration of Italian culture and culinary excellence.