Seasonal Events

all year round

Two women and a man celebrating with glasses of champagne and sparklers

Celebrate each season with unique flavours

Step into a culinary journey where each season brings a fresh wave of flavour. We take the heart and soul of Italian cuisine and sprinkle a little magic, adapting our exceptional dishes for every occasion with a playful touch.

Our adventure starts with intriguing dishes to celebrate Halloween, followed by a festive gourmet experience that rings in the New Year with style. As the season of love approaches, we set the stage for a charming Valentine’s Day filled with culinary affection. Through each transition, we keep the ambiance lively and the flavours inviting, ensuring a tasteful ride through the year’s landmark celebrations.

Join us in celebrating the seasons, one delicious dish at a time

November: the month of the truffle

The Most Flavoured Month of the Year

The Most Flavourful Month of the Year November, the most aromatic month of the year, unfolds with an explosion of irresistible scents at Crazy Pizza! Join us on this unique gastronomic journey dedicated to the culinary treasure of white truffles, a symbol of Italian excellence. With an exclusive menu that embodies craftsmanship and luxury, we invite you to delight your senses with the opulence of white truffles, a true premium delicacy. Reserve your spot now for an unforgettable experience!

Looking for something more intimate?

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends and family or gathering with work colleagues for a business dinner you can guarantee that Crazy Pizza Knightsbridge will impress.