Hands garnishing a plate with basil and fresh mozzarella knots.

The Spirit of Italy

Experience the Crazy

What’s so CRAZY about Crazy Pizza?  

It’s those crazy thin crusts, made from a special yeast free dough, whipped up by Crazy Pizza’s master pizza chefs. A crust base crowned by home-made mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce and topped with huge dollops of Italian brio.

Fresh pizza going into pizza oven.
Artistry and performance

La Bella Vita

Everything is presented in the spirit of Italy – la Bella Vita, artistry and performance – whether it’s traditional tiramisu served at the table, or the wide range of cocktails from the expert mixologists.

Close up of tiramisu dish.
the famous artisanal ice cream


Last but not least, Crazy Pizza Monte Carlo features, on its premises, in the warm season Maison Barbarac, the famous artisanal ice cream originated in Saint-Tropez. Between sorbets, verrines, yoghurts, and ice creams, you will have the choice to complement your crazy meal with a multitude of exquisite flavours in cones or jars.